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::::::Permanent Sleep::::::

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...of my wishes

WOW! So much has gone on... i doubt any one looks at this now...

Well to let people know i'm marrying Liz on the 23rd June 2007!

Yes that's right i'm getting wed...

Well, if i get some form of formidable response i'll keep on posting.

Stay (sic) Fuckers

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Work 03.23AM!
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irritated irritated
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...My storm

Well, me and liz are sat in her conservatory and we've just watched a cool storm. I sound about 5!

(swigs orange squash cos' it's nice!)

Oh i live here now, it's like a transistion to our flat. I spent more time than i should have on that last sentence and i'm trying to make this sentence longer so i can go up and correct the two words i have mispelt.

There's not much happening though. Liz's family have gone to Crete for i think 12 days. I bet they have lovely sunshine and bloody frilly cocktails. Bastard all inclusive holidays!!!

Right ima gonna go. Say bye Liz...

(unentusiastic 'Bye')

Stay (sic) Fuckers

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Noisy (due to the rain) conservatory
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calm calm
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None! Arrgh!
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... I'll soon touch.

Well i've found a band that is new to me and that i love...


THey do quite creepy, but also very 80's music. Fans of HIM might like them. Their album 'Commencement' is great i've not heard it all though...

Well i'm waiting for the staff restaurant to open i can never spell restaurant... is that it?

I dunno.

I fancy a bacon sarnie...

I worked in retail yesterday. Obviously i was in a shop. Brick Bros. it was called and it's near the harbour. It was so relaxing even though it was busy.
I talked to two kidswho's birtday it was. They were getting a huge bastard thing of lego for their birthday.

Well, I've not, much to report only that we're moving in on the 3rd of NOV.I think i've already said that though before... Sue me.

A song to download... The Mansion World - Deadsy.

Lusana, you'd like Asura by Deadsy.

Stay (sic) Fuckers

* * *
... to something

Well, just quickly im in the staff canteen this morning. But at 8am this morning i went to a job interview for the commi chef job at siemens in bracknell.

I thought i hadn't got it, by accounts of an email but it was for another job...

It felt promising but they're gonna let me know... i got shown round the kitchen which surely is a good sign by the head chef... gary i think he was called anyway i'd have to call him 'chef' which is rather flattering.

Me one day.

Anyway i'll fuck off now.

Stay (sic) fuckers

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... To be like you

I'm sat in the staff canteen again at 8:21:25, and i don't start til 11:00:00. Well what can i complain about when i get a free lift to work? Exactly Lusana...

Well it has been sorted now the deposit is paid and we move in on 27th October... It's a friday which is in the middle of the busiest time at legoland. I have the friday off but my boss wont give me the whole or even one of the weekend days off.


Well at least i dont miss out on the money...

Well im going to get a fry up now... *turns round* Yep they're open...

Stay (sic) Fuckers

* * *
* * *
Well, i found a job on tinternet about a job to be a commi chef at the siemens in town. A commi chef is basically a bitch but you get training and whilst im doing my job i'll do a college course in Food Preparation & Cooking NVQ Level 2... could you tell i typed that from the piece of paper it's all on?!

This course teaches:

(I wanted to do bullets here... How do you do it Lusana?)

- Meat and Poultry
- Fich Dishes
- Hot & Cold Sauces
- Soups
- Veg & Salads
- Hot & Cold Desserts
- Pasrtry Dishes
- Egg Dishes
- Pasta Dishes
- Dough Products

There aren't any exams as such there's just what you call Formal Questioning.. again from the paper.

It all sounds good but affording rent and stuff will be a scrape but if i get this qualification it'll get better. Gotta go now.

Stay (sic) Fuckers

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... middle fingers!

I'm sta next to Katie Walters in the staff canteen, although there isn't anything really canteenish about it at the moment... there's a pull down projector screen in the middle and there isnt a soul about. Apart from us two... dum dumdeedee...

Um... Mushroomhead's new album 'Savior Sorrow' is awesome they have a new singer and he fills his part with brilliance. There is still something Mushroomhead-ish about it but you can tell thats it's new... dont you agree Lusana...

Well i'm off now...

Stay (sic) Fuckers

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Staff Canteen
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exanimate WTF?
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MM - mObscene
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...To keep you sustained

One album that i've had for a while is Fear Factory's Archetype, It's been sitting in my room for a while and i decided to listen to it last night... WOW! I had forgotten how damn good it is! Just listen to it start to end, you'll see Lusana!

Well just a short entry. Can Barely be arsed.

Stay (sic) fuckers

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Work Again
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cold What does Archetype mean?
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Fear Factory - Bite The Hand that Bleeds
* * *
...Make good looking models.

So i'm sat at work again at... 08.17 and i'm annoyed that i am here before the fucking management team!!


But there is a strange lady tapping away on her keyboard abut it's more annoying when it's just loud enough to be heard over my iPod.


But an advantage of being here before my arse knows it, is that in a few minutes i can leave this computer and ejoy a full english breakfast for about 3 quid...

GO staff canteen!!

I'll tell you how it is.

I've just noticed the (') on this keyboard is in a random place... it's still a 'dell you can't buy in the shops' one, but why do they do these silly fucking things...

Silly world.

Well as this Manson song finishes i bid you farewell.

AS you were.

Stay (sic) fuckers

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Staff Canteen mmmmmmmmmmm
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content What does content mean.
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Manrylin Manson - Start of Disposable Teens
* * *
... Like a crippled play thing.

I'm sat in work again about an hour before having to start... This means i have nothing better to than to update live journal and tell you npeople that me and liz have taken a flat off of the market and are going to move in on the 3rd of November. I'll be living at no.4 Hawkridge Court, Harmanswater. I dont know the full address but because of the quite lives of our neighbours-to-be we'll not be having a house warming party.

If anyone wants to suggest a venue then we'll see what we can do but it can't be ours... We dont wanna get chucked out minutes ater we've moved in... Although that may seem fun to you Lusana we can't. You can by all means. Just come to ours and sing that national anthem of Germany then I'll gladly kick your a-Level ass out of there...

What did everyone get then?

Yes and you Helen

Ha ha i saw your mum in Sainsburys'...and Murleenas..

Well i'm getting a stiff neck now. Looking downrom the high computer seats, at the filthy keyboards, in the staff canteen is futile...

Stay (sic) fuckers.
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High seats looking at filthy keyboard again. Dammit!
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tired (Yawn!)
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Marylin Manson - Get Your Gunn
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